Monday, May 18, 2009

Rice and Beans Never Tasted So Good/Day 20

I don't know why I'm posting every day.There's really nothing to tell. Except that I went to a Mexican place down the street and had rice/beans/salsa and YUM was it GOOD. I hadn't really eaten anything all day so it felt really good to get something in my stomach. I tried to eat Spaghetti O's at lunch ~ YUCK. I remember liking them as a kid, but they were really sick today. I couldn't eat them.
I'm still numb, not very swollen, and hate the splint. That's about it. I'll take pictures soon. I'm just lazy.


stephanie said...

You're posting because we love your updates and you know it!! :D

Hurray for FOOD!!

Rita said...

I have been wanting Mexican food soooo bad. I didn't think about just eating the rice and salsa. Maybe I will go tomorrow. ?? I don't know, I really want the chips. lol Glad you are doing better. : )

Discantus said...

I'm really enjoying your daily posts! Charting the daily ups and downs, even though they may not seem all that dramatic, are so helpful for those of us still waiting for our surgery. Bravo!