Saturday, February 21, 2009

Surgery Date!!! April 29th!

I got a call from the surgeon's office yesterday saying there was a cancellation and would I like to have my surgery April 29th. That would be a YES. Yes, I certainly would like to have my surgery then. Two months away. I'm so excited. And nervous. I'm going to start reading some blogs (again) and getting things together that I will need. I have a much-needed cleaning appointment on March 5th. Maybe I will get a cleaning one more time before the surgery also. Thanks for all the positive comments on my blog. :) I don't always write back, but I appreciate it!

My surgeon's diagnoses of my jaws are: Asymmetry of mandible and congenital maxillary hypoplasia

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Super Bummed...

I just found out that there are no open spots to get back into the nursing program for spring. I went through 6 weeks of remediation, got 100% on my final ~ all the while under the impression that there were 4 open spots. So I have to wait until
fall and hope that there will be a spot then. Blah. I am so bummed out. I am trying to stay positive and tell myself that at least now I can schedule my surgery for something sooner than July. I'm going to call tomorrow and see how soon I can get in. I should have gone ahead and booked it for April, but I was oh so sure that I would be starting school again. I could cry. But I won't. :)

UPDATE: I had to go to the ortho today to get a bracket put back on. He decided to change my upper wire to a heavier one and also put on some power chains. Whatever they are. So I called the surgeon's office and the girl told me that he is booked until July. Argh. I am having the worst luck lately. So I asked her to put me on the cancellation list for whatever comes up first ~ I'll take it. I hope someone cancels soon!