Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm Here to Report...

That there's really nothing to report. I had another adjustment yesterday. While the girl was taking off my upper wire to put on a new wire, two of my brackets popped off. So I had to go through the joy of the lip stretcher, the grinding off of the glue, and the toxic smelling liquid put on my teeth. Fun times. The new wire brought new pain to my upper teeth. I've been living off soup for two days and am starving and cranky.
I noticed today that my bite is really screwed now. It's crazy how much it changed overnight. When I bite down, I can totally stick my tongue through the huge gap between the upper and lower teeth. It's really beautiful. I should take a picture and post it, but I'm lazy. I guess the braces are doing their job. I want to have the surgery already. I go to see the surgeon on December 1. The ortho said that if the surgeon thinks my teeth are "good enough" (position-wise) to have the surgery now, then the ortho can do whatever changes to my teeth after the surgery. The only problem is, I will have to be put on a cancellation list and be called in at the last minute ~ which is fine with me. Otherwise, I will have to have the surgery in the summer (ugh!) because I will be starting back to school in February. I hope it works out and I have the surgery in December. Keep you fingers crossed for me! Congratulations to all of you who have had surgery recently!