Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm here to complain...

I can't help it. I have to. My teeth hurt so darn bad!! I had an adjustment today. The girl said they were putting on "tandem wires." She said there are two wires hooked together on the one wire. I tried googling it, but couldn't find anything. Anyway, they are killing me. I think this is the worst my teeth have ever hurt, for sure. Maybe I am just forgetting how bad other adjustments have hurt, but this does seem to be the worst . Every tooth hurts except for my molars. Seems like the molars aren't involved this time. Apparently these wires will help with the crowding that I have on my bottom teeth. They are already working because there's a little gap between two of the teeth.
He said I don't need to come back until 8 weeks from now. These are "long-term" wires. I haven't been thinking much about my surgery because it seems so far away in JULY, but I am so ready to have it!