Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm here to complain...

I can't help it. I have to. My teeth hurt so darn bad!! I had an adjustment today. The girl said they were putting on "tandem wires." She said there are two wires hooked together on the one wire. I tried googling it, but couldn't find anything. Anyway, they are killing me. I think this is the worst my teeth have ever hurt, for sure. Maybe I am just forgetting how bad other adjustments have hurt, but this does seem to be the worst . Every tooth hurts except for my molars. Seems like the molars aren't involved this time. Apparently these wires will help with the crowding that I have on my bottom teeth. They are already working because there's a little gap between two of the teeth.
He said I don't need to come back until 8 weeks from now. These are "long-term" wires. I haven't been thinking much about my surgery because it seems so far away in JULY, but I am so ready to have it!


Katherine (Kate) said...

Sometimes you've gotta do what you've gotta do, so complain away :)

Yipes, that does sound like a punishing (and interesting) wire. Here's hoping it does it's business really quick & the rest of that 8 weeks flies by.

Sounds like a good excuse for OTC's and lots of ice cream ;)

Jen said...

It's for the good of the nation.
Teeth nation.

Have you had elastics yet?

Michelle said...

The picture says it all - I sure hope the soreness goes away soon!


Steph said...

Poor Aim, feeling better yet?

Rita said...

Hello Aimee, I am new here. I have got braces and will most likely have surgery in May. I had an elastic chain put on my bottom teeth on Friday and they are still hurting. I go back for the top in four weeks. I hope you are feeling better.

Michelle said...

It's been a while, so I wanted to check back and see how you are doing. I hope the pain has gotten better. I agree with Kate, good excuse for lots of ice cream!!
Take care!!

Aimee said...

I'm feeling much better. Thanks you guys!

Sarah said...

Hi Aimee,
great blog! I'm just starting this whole orthognathic/orthodontic extravaganza next Tuesday. The surgery aspect is really freaking me out, and I must admit sometimes I just want to bail out and forget the whole thing.
Anyways, your blog provides a little ray of hope for me!
all the best,