Monday, November 12, 2007

And the Verdict is .... Double Jaw Surgery!

I just received an email from the surgery coordinator at my orthodontist's office. Here is what she wrote:

"We received a report from Dr. Relle, he agrees with the need for orthognathic surgery and recommends an upper jaw advancement with lower jaw rotation to correct asymmetry. So, it will be a double-jaw surgery."

I emailed her back and asked her if my upper will also be widened and will my lower be moved back. I assume The lower
will be moved back and not just rotated. I guess I can ask the surgeon all this when I get closer to a surgical date. It would just
be nice to know in advance...

****Okay, so my upper jaw will be broken in a couple of places and widened and also moved forward. My lower jaw will be move back in addition to correcting the asymmetry. *****