Friday, March 28, 2008

Adjustment and Painful Molars!

My son and I both had an ortho appointment yesterday. He (lucky dog) was there to get his braces off. His teeth look great and when all his permanent teeth are in, he will get braces put back on ~ what they call "phase 2". When I was little I had never heard of phase 1 and phase 2. So yes, we get to pay for braces twice.

I was going to get a thick power chain put on my upper teeth to close up some spaces, but when she went to put the wire on, it popped off two of my back brackets. So I had to sit through the joy of having them put back on. They decided to go with a smaller wire for now. Let me just say, these wires work fast because my molars are killing me today! The ones on the right hurt more so at least I can eat on the left.

The girl said (the doctor wasn't in) that they are going to leave my bottom wire in until I come in next time because the doctor needs to "make space" for my bottom teeth ~ aka filing in between my teeth. Oh yay, something to look forward to!!