Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dentist Update

Okay, so I had my checkup and xrays with my periodontist this morning. Unfortunately, I have 50% bone loss around my implants and some bone loss in my upper right side. This is not good. The doctor adjusted my bite by grinding down the
implant crowns and some upper teeth to take the load off my implants. Now my eye teeth are hitting and it feels really strange. He gave me the "ok" to start braces but said that the ortho will have to find a way to put the braces on without putting any load on my implants. I asked him how that can be done and he mentioned "headgear." "What?" "Headgear." "Headgear?" "Yes, headgear." "Um, okay." That'll be just lovely if I have to wear headgear. I don't even want to go there right now. I will see what the ortho has to say about it. I haven't made my ortho appointment so I will do that today. I just want to get this whole thing started as quickly as possible. "Bone loss" is not something I enjoy hearing, so I hope the braces/jaw surgery will stop the bone loss. Ugh, my crowns/teeth feel all rough and weird now. I envy those people out there with good teeth and a good bite!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Going to the Dentist...

Well, I'm going in for a cleaning and checkup today. I am going to get xrays done and I am praying that there isn't more
bone loss in my jaws. I hope I get the "okay" to start with the braces process. I'll update when I get home....

Okay, I am home. Nothing to report since I wasn't scheduled to have my exam and xrays today (not my mistake). So I am
now scheduled to have it done on Tuesday. My cleaning went well, although she said she could detect bone loss in my upper
right quadrant. Ugh. I'm just hoping it's nothing major. I think tomorrow I will schedule my xray/molds appointment with the orthodontist...why wait?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Orthodontic Diagnosis


• Jaw joint rubbing or grating was found on the right and it may be due to arthrosis
• Excessive grinding of teeth (bruxism) may result in enamel wear and muscle fatigue
• The upper jaw did not develop as much as the lower jaw in relation to the forehead
• The upper jaw did not develop as much as the lower jaw in width
• Lower jaw has developed more than the upper jaw in relation to the forehead
• Chin is positioned to the left of facial midline
• Improper relationship of posterior teeth on right side
• Improper relationship of posterior teeth on left side
• Improper relationship of right cuspid teeth
• Improper relationship of left cuspid teeth
• Space available for upper teeth is insufficient resulting in dental crowding. This condition tends to worsen with age.
• Space available for the lower teeth is insufficient resulting in dental crowding. This condition tends to worsen with age.
• An underbite is present
• Upper dental midline is symmetric and coincides with middle of the face
• Lower front teeth are left of center midline
• Improper width relationship of upper and lower teeth. This condition may affect jaw growth and may also reflect in enamel wear and periodontal trauma.
• Soft tissue facial asymmetries noted
• Lower jaw (chin) is positioned too far forward in relation to the forehead
• Upon smiling, tooth exposure seems insufficient. Records will be evaluated to determine means to achieve a nicer smile.


Orthognathic jaw surgery in combination with braces: estimated treatment time = 22-26 months


Correct existing malocclusion to improve "bite" relationship
Eliminate existing crowding
Achieve normal overbite/overjet
Broaden dental arches to maximize smile line
Align dental midlines with each other and facial midline
Cosmetic alignment of anterior teeth
Stop and prevent further enamel wear of anterior teeth due to heavy and end to end tooth contact
Correct existing cross-bites to improve chewing function
Improve jaw relationship and function
Improve profile; lip relationship, function and posture

Orthodontist Consultation

I am writing my first blog today!! I had a consultation with my orthodontist today. I am a little overwhelmed. The braces are going to cost more than I thought they would. Since I am a surgical case, I got a quote of $8,475.00. My insurance should pick up a portion of this, but it's still a lot of money. I feel rather self-indulgent thinking about spending this amount of money on myself when we have two kids, a mortgage, car payments, etc. to also think about. I know the jaw surgery is a medical and not a cosmetic procedure, but still. I know having the braces and surgery done would result in improved functionality of my jaw and reduce the wear and tear on my teeth. The way my jaw is now, I have major wear and tear on my teeth, along with bone loss in my jaws. I already have two dental implants on the lower right side that I had to have put in because of bone loss. I feel like if I don't do this now, I won't ever do it. I am excited and nervous to get it all started!!!