Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dentist Update

Okay, so I had my checkup and xrays with my periodontist this morning. Unfortunately, I have 50% bone loss around my implants and some bone loss in my upper right side. This is not good. The doctor adjusted my bite by grinding down the
implant crowns and some upper teeth to take the load off my implants. Now my eye teeth are hitting and it feels really strange. He gave me the "ok" to start braces but said that the ortho will have to find a way to put the braces on without putting any load on my implants. I asked him how that can be done and he mentioned "headgear." "What?" "Headgear." "Headgear?" "Yes, headgear." "Um, okay." That'll be just lovely if I have to wear headgear. I don't even want to go there right now. I will see what the ortho has to say about it. I haven't made my ortho appointment so I will do that today. I just want to get this whole thing started as quickly as possible. "Bone loss" is not something I enjoy hearing, so I hope the braces/jaw surgery will stop the bone loss. Ugh, my crowns/teeth feel all rough and weird now. I envy those people out there with good teeth and a good bite!


amycq said...

I envy them too!! Will you be having bone grafting done too? (Did you already tell us that? whoops?) A friend of mine has upper jaw surgery and had to have some bone grafting done too.

Take advantage of the non-brace face while you can! Eat lots of poppy-seed bagels, spinach and toffee while you can!! :))

Aimee said...

Hi Amy,
I don't know yet if I will be having bone grafting done. I haven't seen a surgeon yet. But I had to have bone graftin gdone when I had my implants put in almost 5 years ago. That is where I am having the current bone loss. boo hoo
I hope you are recovering well! I read your blog every day. : )

Chris K said...

How are you having bone loss after your implants? Is it an effect of crowding? I've lost some bone too but that's because I didn't have the implant put in when I should have years ago. I thought one the implant was done the bone loss issue isn't really a problem anymore. What's the deal?

Aimee said...

Well, my doctor is puzzled too. He just put me on a week of antibiotics ~ amoxicillin and metronidazol ~ which apparently are for anaerobic bacteria that could be causing the bone loss. But he isn't positive if that is what is causing it. It could be caused by my bad bite and too much load being put on the right side. So yesterday he also adjusted my bite to take some of the load off that side. It sucks because I paid a fortune for a bone graft and implants, so I hope they can be saved!! He also told me that when I get braces, the back implants can't have any load put on them, they cannot be used as anchors in any way. So I don't know how the ortho is going to go about putting the braces on. I go in for my ortho appt. tomorrow.

Michelle said...

Well Aimee, when you said headgear, the first thing I thought of was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory w/ Johnny Depp. What a wondrous set of chompers he had! I wouldn't stress it though. Something I found out early in my situation is to let the Dentist worry about the teeth and let the ORTHO worry about the BRACES. They are both in their own profession for a reason. My general dentist almost scared me when he saw my gap. He said he was really worried about how big it was...well my ORTHO said, it could really stand to be a tad bit bigger, no worries! So ride it out, you will find out more soon. Good Luck with your adventure.