Thursday, August 2, 2007

X-rays & Molds at the Ortho

Today I went to the orthodontist and got the preliminary molds and X-rays done. I started getting nervous for some reason. I keep telling myself it will be fine. It's one thing to tell my son to go sit in the chair and get it over with and quite another for myself to be sitting there. So now I have two weeks of waiting until my next appointment when the ortho will tell me what the treatment plan is. I'm eager/anxious to hear what he says!


amycq said...

Waiting is always the hardest part. But then all of a sudden what you were waiting for is here! ...then you can freak out for real!! :))

Erin said...

Yeah, you'll see...everything starts off very, very slowly and sometimes it can feel like nothing is going on at all. But then things start moving and soon they're moving 100 mph! And before you know it, you're post-surgery!

Just hang in there. Every day you get a little closer.