Wednesday, August 15, 2007

To Bleach or Not to Bleach?

I am debating if I should bleach my teeth before I get braces. I have those custom trays with the
bleach and once I get the braces and jaw surgery my trays won't fit any longer. :) I know ... such a lame thing to be thinking
about, but the thought crossed my mind. Has anyone else bleached before getting their braces?


amycq said...

Hmm, i haven't but i'd say if you already have the stuff...go for it. If you have to pay for's probably not worth it yet. The parts under the brackets will be nice and white but no matter how good you are with cleaning, it's very difficult to get into all the nooks and crannies with braces. And if you're like me and like your tea and coffee...your gonna have some staining.

I'm waiting till after my braces come off...then see what the damage is!! Just a thought! :)

amycq said...

Let us know how everything went today! ...with pics!! :))

Erin said...

Oh, I'm answering this way after the fact. I would actually say not to though. Leave the whitening for when you're done. That's what I'm gonna do.

Really want to hear about the braces! I remember my brace day. I was not a happy camper!

Aimee said...

Thank you both so much for commenting today. I was going post something about how it went, but I am not a happy camper!! :) I will try and write something tomorrow, but right now all I can focus on is how my lips already feel shredded and my teeth hurt when I eat, and how sensitive my back crown was when I brushed tonight. I was JUST reading your (Erin) first days in braces posts and am happy to know I am not just being a big baby. I expected things to be uncomfortable in a day or two but had no idea that I would already be in pain in one day's time. I cover my mouth every time I speak (without thinking). I don't think they look good at all. In fact, hideous is a good word to describe how they look. Ugh. I hope this is all worth it!! I hope you both are doing well!

amycq said...

Awww...I feel your pain (or felt it!). I was the same way, very self conscious about the braces. My lips felt like they were 10 feet in front of me and everything hurt. But, it does get easier with time!!

One piece of advice...don't be afraid to use that wax where the braces are digging into your mouth! It helps alot. I was trying to be tough at first, thinking I was getting my mouth toughened up. Nope! Hang in there!!

Aimee said...

Thanks, Amy! I took your advice and used the wax. It was a big relief, even though my lips hardly came together with how much wax I had put on. :) At least it gave my mouth some time to heal a little bit. Now if my teeth would just stop hurting!