Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Going to the Dentist...

Well, I'm going in for a cleaning and checkup today. I am going to get xrays done and I am praying that there isn't more
bone loss in my jaws. I hope I get the "okay" to start with the braces process. I'll update when I get home....

Okay, I am home. Nothing to report since I wasn't scheduled to have my exam and xrays today (not my mistake). So I am
now scheduled to have it done on Tuesday. My cleaning went well, although she said she could detect bone loss in my upper
right quadrant. Ugh. I'm just hoping it's nothing major. I think tomorrow I will schedule my xray/molds appointment with the orthodontist...why wait?


Chris K said...

Welcome to the group. It's nice to see someone else as early in the process as I am :)


amycq said...

enjoy the cleanings while you can! I can't wait to get a real dental cleaning again without braces!

i'll take being able to brush my teeth at the moment though!

jackie v said...

I just got braces on- at age 38? I am going to have the surgery in 10 months- but I keep wishing it was going to be tomorrow!
Good luck

allison said...

i second what amy says... enjoy clean teeth!

by the way, i'm in nj. why do you ask?


Aimee said...

I'm 35 and am so looking forward to this. I have been researching it for about 5 years now. I hope it all works out and it's a "go" from my periodontist tomorrow. My fingers are crossed...thanks everyone for thier comments. It's so nice to have the support!! Good luck to everyone.