Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Post-op, Day 7

I can't believe I'm 7 days post-op. It feels like I blinked and 7 days went by. I guess it's because I've been taking the pain medication and sleeping so much. I stayed awake all day today and didn't take much pain killer. My face is hurting and tingling
like crazy. It really hurts underneath my nose. My chin and bottom lip are still really numb. I drank some broth today, a little bit of shake and some gatorade. This is probably the most of I have eaten since last week. I drank some jamba juice last night and my hubby is out bringing me another one now. My lips are still huge as is the rest of my face. I do have some yellow bruising showing up on my left cheek and neck. The inside of my mouth is hurting and it's hard to open it and talk so I have been writing most everything down on my white board. My nose seems to be numb also. I took a shower, washed and dried my hair was totally exhausted afterwards. I hope I get my splint out on Friday when I see the surgeon. It's very uncomfortable. I've tried to clean my mouth out but it's really hard to get in there. I'm feeling nauseous even though I haven't had any antibiotics today. The swelling is driving me nuts. That's about it...


Anonymous said...

Hi Aimee. My name is Jennifer. I just stumbled onto your blog. Today is my 4-week anniversary from upper jaw surgery and Relle is my surgeon, too. Sounds like you're going through the same exact hell I've just been through (though I didn't get nauseous). Hang in there. Today is the FIRST day I've felt somewhat normal. The swelling is starting to subside, I can move my top lip (still no smile) and the pain under my nose isn't as bad. No solid food and sleeping is a bummer. But just know, it'll get easier.

Rita said...

You are getting there! You will feel much better in no time and time does go by fast. the underneath my nose area still hurts but my surgeon said it is because he had to do a lot of work there and it just takes a little longer. WE will make it. : ) Try to rest and don't worry. It truly does get better.

Oh' my nose is numb too....Are you really getting your splint out this quick? Mine comes out next week. Bless ya!