Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 10, Visit with the Surgeon

Today was my first real day out of the house since my surgery. My mom drove me to see my surgeon this afternoon. He snipped off the rubber bands that were holding my mouth closed and only put two back on - one on either side of my mouth. I can take them off when I eat and when I brush my teeth. I will have the splint in for two more weeks. I haven't taken the bands off yet because I am nervous about putting them back on. I had some mashed potatoes and gravy from KFC (even though they aren't vegetarian) and they were soooo good.
At my appointment he said everything went well and my face is more balanced now. He said I look like I am healing well and didn't seem to have much swelling compared to a lot of people after surgery. I had to go get an xray taken. I have 4 plates/screws in my upper jaw and 1 plate/screws in my lower jaw. I've lost 8 pounds. As far as I'm concerned, it can stay lost. But he said I would probably gain it back.
The swelling seems to have gone down some more but my lips are still big. I asked him if they will go down and he said that yes they will but that a lot of women would pay a lot of money to have these lips. haha.
My little Connor picture taker is at a sleepover tonight so I might skip my Day 10 photo.
Oh yeah, I had some stitches on the side of my face where they had to make a hole to put in the screws, so he took those out. He said they'll heal up with no scar.


V said...

Hi Aimee!

I hope the visit with the OS has given you a bit more confidence and a boost - It seems to be a bit of a turning point to know that things are going well and just to have some professional reassurance!

Don't worry so much about the bands, they're easier than you think but just take a bit of getting used to to put them back on. I tend to use a pair of tweezers and then a finger to press the band into my teeth to hook it over. It'll get easier once the swelling goes down and you have a bit more movement in your cheek! :) xxx

Rita said...

I am glad you are healing well. Boy, we have had it rough. I am glad we are both done with the surgery and and going to heal up and be better than ever. I think you will see after this week, you will start to feel better and better.

My top lip still has some swelling and the lower part of my face does, so don't worry, it will go away, it just takes time. Every time I start to get frustrated, I try to remember that.

Like V said, the bands are not so bad when you get used to them. My side stitch incisions are still there but I can tell they are fading a little.

Be blessed and know we are still here with ya!!! : )

indiana said...

Hi, Aimee! My Day 11 has been my best day so far. I feel like I'm finally rounding a corner.

I hope you're doing okay. Thanks for updating even when you felt crappy.

Jaw surgery aficionado said...

Hey Aimee - thanks for the nice compliment. You are doing great - I hope your day 11 is awesome - mine was. It gets a lot easier (but be prepared for the stiffy face for another few weeks or so - like 7 or 8). Wear your rubber bands :)

Good luck!

Leah said...

I ate mashed potatoes from KFC or Popeyes like everyday after my first surgery! SO GOOD! I got to Dr. Relle tomorrow and get molds done for my surgery...18 days and counting :)