Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 15

I will probably stop posting daily since I am feeling so much better. My swelling is still there along with the numbness in my chin and left side of my nose. I get lots of tingling in my chin which I hear is a good thing. I've been using wax at night to cover all my brackets on my top teeth so that my lip will heal. It's looking a lot less gross than it was. The swelling in my lips has gone down a lot. I went shopping today to buy my son some shorts. When I have to talk to strangers, they look like they feel so sorry for me. One lady asked what happened, so I told her "jaw surgery." She said, "I know exactly how you feel. I just had my top teeth crowned and it really hurt." Uh, yeah. I wouldn't really compare this to having some teeth crowned. :) At least she was trying to be empathetic, which is nice.
I've been trying to keep my teeth as clean as possible. I can tell it's going to be really gross when the splint comes out though. The doc said to bring a baby toothbrush with me so I can brush there when I get the splint out.
I didn't eat enough today, but I didn't feel hungry either. I've been sleeping in until noon. It's nice, but I feel like such a bum.

Here's the pics of the day. I obviously need my hair cut and highlighted. I haven't worn any makeup in 2 weeks. It's been kinda nice not having to worry about it actually. I'm not really that vain so it isn't a big deal. I must say though, after comparing my before and afters, I am really happy with the results so far. Especially with my profile. Wow, what a difference jaw surgery can make. :) Oh, I like the change in my nose too. It's more upturned and shorter looking from the side. Did I say I wasn't vain? ;)

And here are some reminders of what I looked like before:


Discantus said...

Hi Aimee, it's great to read that you're finally overcoming the hard part of recovery, you certainly handled it really well - very inspirational!

As for the pics - they look fab! You must be delighted, I hope my own results will be as good :)

As for the comment from that lady on the street, it's amazing what some people come out with. Crowns? Poor lamb!

Maria L. said...

Aimee - you look REALLY good!!Yay!!! Glad to hear you're feeling better, and almost on week 3 :)

Katherine (Kate) said...

Wonderful to hear you're feeling so much better~ A huge ALLLRIIIIGHT! to that :)

An eye roll for the teeth-crowning comparison, but kudos to you for being likewise empathetic ;)

If ever there was a good reason to embrace being a bum, you'll never find another to match it, so embrace away, haha.

You're not vain, you're just observing what is as plain as the... very cute nose on your face. You look wonderful, Aimee, what an incredible difference! Look forward to updates whenever you see fit :)

V said...

Is that even a hint of a smile I'm seeing there???!!! ;) xxx

Rita said...

I agree with Kate on the tooth-crowning and bum things. You deserve to rest because before long it will all be over and you will have to get back to the real life. lol Your pictures look great and personally, I like my nose better now too. Glad you are doing so well. Bless ya!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aimee, thanks for your message. You're looking great! and what a difference in your before and after photo's! you must be delighted :-) Well done on getting through the worst of it and look forward to chatting to you soon. I had some sneaky spaghetti too, so with you on being bored of the whole soup/smoothies thing.