Saturday, May 2, 2009

Post-op, Day 4

This has not been a good day. I woke up around 4:00 this morning with a stuffy nose and have been so uncomfortable all day. The swelling is crazy. I'm starting to wonder when it will go down because there's no sign of it going down right now. I have a big fat face and a big fat neck and it's not pretty. Oh my face is hot and red also ~ is that normal?
I'm also starting to feel nauseous. I am taking antibiotics 4 times a day until Monday. I have been taking pain meds as well because of the throbbing, tight feeling in my face. I've been applying ice consistently (which does not seem to help with the swelling but feels good) I've been sleeping a lot and not "eating" much. I got a little bit of egg flower soup broth down today. It was so rich though I was scared I was going to throw up. Thank God I have my mom here to take care of my kids. She's a huge help. And my hubby has been awesome too. I think he's a little stressed out seeing me like this. He keeps telling me that the swelling "isn't bad at all." Obviously he's lying to make me feel better because it is bad. I should get up a walk around a little bit. I get so tired doing the smallest things. It's hard to believe this is day 4. I can't wait until the swelling starts going down. I do not like this fat face look. :)


Katherine (Kate) said...

Sounds like the swelling has probably peaked: hot & red could just be from the immense pressure thats been building on the inside, but of course if you're concerned at ALL give your surgeon a call. Ice is great if it's making you feel better, but probably won't do much for the actual swelling after the first 48 hours. Have you tried using heat yet? Might seem contradictory when your face is hot, but it might help increase the circulation to get it moving out. That and the walking you mentioned, even in little amounts.

Hang in there, Aimee. The next couple of days might be more of a challenge: The anaesthetic is leaving you, as are any steroids they pumped in during & directly after surgery, and that's not always fun, but it does END. Your tummy is probably not impressed with either the antibiotics, liquid diet and perhaps the codeine is bugging this? It's a common culprit. Is there another med you could tryto see if it makes a difference?

Forget one day at a time, try to focus on just the moment that you're in, on one task at a time. If it's nice out where you are, get someone to escort you outside, walk around your house, stand and feel the sunshine on your face or find something new that's popped out of the ground.... Maybe it will help, or maybe you'll say "sheesh, enough of this crap I'm going back to bed!" And that's okay too, haha.

Anyway, will be thinking of you through today, and hoping there are encouraging moments between the discouraging ones.
xoxo :)

Aimee said...

Katherine, you are so sweet for taking the time to leave me such a long, encouraging comment. Thank you. I haven't tried using eat yet. Maybe I'll try that. I feel lucky that I don't have much numbness. I do feel the little zings that people talk about. They are strange ~ like little lightening bolts. I might use my facial steamer later.
Yes, the antibiotics and codeine are what are making me feel nauseous. Luckily my mom has some good pain killers that she has been crushing up for me and giving me. (I know that's a no-no, but hey)
Your comment is so encouraging and times this can feel kinda lonely since most people aren't familiar with what goes on. Back to bed I go. :)