Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Post-op, Day 8

It's still sucking. I didn't get much liquid down today. My tongue is all torn up and raw. I have no idea what from. The splint? I woke up at around 9:30 and have been awake all day. I only took 2 Advils today for the pain. I get really dizzy and weak when I stand up, so I've been laying down most of the day. I know I should be getting more calories down, but my mouth really hurts ~ between the splint, the rubberbands and whatever else is going on in there. I don't think the swelling has gone down at all. Lots of tingling in my chin, which is annoying. The numb areas feel really weird. I can't feel anything dribbling down my chin.
I had to go out with my mom today to pick up one of my kids from school (so she could drive, and I could show her the way). It felt so nice to be outside. It was such a pretty day. It's depressing being cooped up indoors with this swollen face. :) I was supposed to see the ortho today but I cancelled since they wouldn't be doing anything anyway. I see the surgeon on Friday. I could have sworn that the surgeon said the splint would come out then, but I could be wrong. I hope I can post something soon without complaining. My poor tongue. :(


funkyrhodes said...

Hmmm, I'm sorry you're still going through such a rough time so far. Is your tongue scraping any of the stitches?

Compared to Day 1, how much less is the pain? If you only took 2 Advils, it must be a little more manageable, right?

Still, this is scary. I only gave my work 2 weeks to get better...I wonder if that's enough?

BTW, will you be posting any pics of your progress? I'm planning on photos and videos, since few bloggers are doing that side of things....

Anyway, try to take of yourself and get some food in your belly! I'm sure that's going to help you with your energy level.

stephanie said...

Amiee!!! I am thinking of you and hoping everything gets better soon. I'm sorry everything is still so sucky for you!!

Here's hoping tomorrow's a better day.

Anya said...

You are entitled to complain all you want. If not now, when is it ever time to complain. :-)

Keep your spirit up. Soon your situation will change for the better.

V said...

Thinking of you everyday hun!

Have you been using plenty of mouth rinse? That will definitely help with the soreness and just making your mouth feel better.

And I know what you mean about going outside... the weather was awful for the first few days of my recovery but then just sitting wrapped up in the garden made me feel HEAPS better. Try get some fresh air and don't worry about what you look like!


Aimee said...

I don't think my tongue is scraping any of the stitches because the stitches are in the front of my mouth underneath my lips and my tongue is trapped behind the splint. I think the splint is wrecking my tongue. It's really uncomfortable. Actually, the pain is getting worse as time goes on. I think as the anesthesia wears off and the nerves start waking up, the pain sets in. I was in quite a bit of pain this morning so I took some Tylenol/codiene which knocked me out until 11:00. The pain is starting to set in again. I might just take some Advil ~ only because I don't like that doped out feeling after awhile. 2 weeks might be enough...I can't say for sure. I just posted some pictures today...finally. :) I definitely need to start eating more.

I have been using mouthwash. It helps a little. I wish I could brush my teeth. I'm so tired but I would like to get out today and sit in the sun and just be outside. Thanks ~ you guys are great!

V said...

Aimee - I know you're still swollen and probably don't feel it especially because you can't smile, but honestly you already look amazing! You are going to be SO happy with the final result - that profile shot is stunning! xxx