Thursday, May 7, 2009

Post-op, Day 9

Nothing new to report. I'm still tired and swollen. I slept until 11:00 today and took a nap in the afternoon. My hubby brought home egg flower soup tonight - I didn't even bother straining the egg. I was too hungry. The surgeon said liquids only, but I thought I would risk it and eat the eggs too. Well, the egg ended up wrapped all in my rubber bands and up in my splint. I washed out my mouth as best as i could; I hope I got most of it out. I'll see the surgeon tomorrow and tell him. :) As I was cleaning out my mouth, I noticed that my left cheek feels like raw hamburger meat. It's so raw and chunky. Gross. I wonder what that is all about. It doesn't feel like the area where the stitches are. It feels like I have been chewing on it or something. My chin is completely numb. I don't like it. I hope the feeling comes back soon.


Katherine (Kate) said...

Oh, so much fun trying to get that egg out~ You might not have to tell the surgeon anything, he might see for himself, haha. How did it sit in your tummy? He just might be happy to hear you're getting it in and no slapped hands will be neccessary :)

Ouch! the cheek sounds painful ( or would be if the feeling was all there?)! Your chewing on it guess sounds like a very plausible one.

The feeling will come. A bit of a catch 22. No feeling means no "pain" per say, but sometimes I wonder if a real pain you can put words to would be easier than a wooden dullness that's hard to describe. Wait for it, you'll wake up to zingers and tingles one of these days and the feeling will follow.

Thanks so much for the pictures! Seeing the changes day-by-day really is amazing, and you've come along way. There's no going backwards, just upward and onward from here~ You're doing awesome, Aimee :)