Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 23, Last day Before I get the splint out

I will not miss this splint. Good riddance! My appointment is at noon tomorrow to get it removed. I'm wondering why some people have to have it in for longer. Rita had hers in 6 weeks. Sometimes I notice that my bottom jaw "slips." It's hard to explain. But it feels like it goes backwards or forwards on its own and then the rubberbands catch it and bring it back where it should be. I don't like when that happens.

I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but since the surgery, I have had a lot of dizziness. When I look down, I feel dizzy. When I lay in bed and turn over, I feel really dizzy. It's kinda scary. I will ask the surgeon about it. I don't know how it could possibly be related to the surgery, but that's when it started. For awhile I thought it was related to not eating enough, but I am getting quite a bit of food down, so I don't think that's it.

Today one of my neighbors (she's well into her 80's) said hi to me. I said hi back and of course, sounded like I had marbles in my mouth. She said, "Oh, you've got some big problems going on, don't you." I tried to explain to her what I had just gone through. She didn't get and kept going back to "teeth". She said if my parents had fixed my teeth when I was little, I wouldn't be going through this now. I tried to explain again that it wasn't my teeth. She still didn't get it, so I gave up. Ah well. Even some people that aren't in their 80's don't get it. Most of the time it's not worth it to try and explain. Every time I do try to explain, it seems as though they all bring up having had their wisdom teeth taken out. It's not the same, but I'm tired of explaining so I just (try to) smile.


Discantus said...

Hope all goes well with the splint removal tomorrow, eating and talking will be so much easier without it. Glad to hear you're well on the road to recovery :)

The dizzyness and jaw slips do sound a bit strange, but i'm sure your OS will be able to reassure you - your body is still getting over the shock of what was done to it so is bound to behave a little oddly!

Bless your old neighbour! Though jaw surgery seems to blow the mind of much younger people too. No matter how carefully I explain what i'll be having done I inevitabely get the an answer back along the lines of "So you're letting them cut into you HEAD???" with a look of horror and incredulity. Maybe it's best to let them think it's about teeth...

sjp said...

i haven't had any dizziness but i think i can relate to your bottom jaw slippage. mine sometimes makes this "creaky" noise. i can't really explain it. but it moves around and i'm not quite sure where it is supposed to go so i just let it drift forward, backward, wherever...

soooo happy that you are getting the split out today! what a relief! please let us know how that goes (i.e. if it hurts..haha).

steffiD said...

Hey Aimee,
Good luck today. I'm getting my splint out next wk (4th wk) The dr. told me b/c they had to widen my top jaw it's the most unstable repositioning so they like to keep the splint in for at least 4 wks. Everyone is diff. and I'm sure you're doc knows what he's doing.As for teh jaw slippage, yes mine does it too. I was hoping it was just normal. I have it more with my top jaw then my lower. I too can get dizzy...I find when I exert myself...not too much with just laying in bed etc. I get headaches too if I'm standing or walking too long. Do you?

Aimee said...

I'm about ready to leave for my appointment. I hope everything goes smoothly. I'll post as soon as I get back (after I go and have a huge plate of rice/beans/salsa) lol
That makes sense with the splint having to stay in longer with the upper jaw being widened.
I don't get headaches, thank goodness, but the dizziness isn't fun. I wonder what could be causing it.
I'll be back in awhile and post!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the good ole wisdom teeth stories everybody seems to have and want to let you know all about... they drove me crazy with frustration.

I too had dizziness and jawslips. The dizziness I put down to the after effect of anesthesia; the jaw slips I think were caused by the muscles not being used to their new position. That eased off after a few weeks.

Finally - you look GREAT!