Sunday, May 3, 2009

Post Op, Day 5

I think yesterday and today have been the worst so far. I've been pretty nauseous all day and hoping I don't throw up. I need to keep up on my pain medication because once I stop, I'm in quite a bit of pain. I got myself to take a shower today and washed my hair. I felt a little better but I was exhausted afterwards. I also tried to clean my teeth with the baby toothbrush. It just seems impossible with this splint in my mouth. My ears keep popping. The swelling looks like it may have gone down a little bit from yesterday. My lips are huge. Oh and my chin and bottom lip are completely numb. It's getting tiring sleeping upright and I wake up with a back ache. I haven't had much of an appetite, but I know I will feel sick to my stomach if I don't eat. So I've been sipping some banana cream Ensure, which I am totally sick of and I just had some egg flower soup broth. I really want to get my pictures up because that is my favorite part of other people's blogs, but I just don't have the energy right now. Some of my back teeth hurt, especially when I breathe in. I think that reading tons of blogs of people who have already gone through this has been extremely helpful. I knew exactly what to expect so nothing is freaking me out. I hope you all are well. :)


Rita said...

Hey Aimee, I am getting caught up on your blog now. YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT, I PROMISE!!!! It really helped me to take hot baths so I could sit and relax. My splint is also in my way of brushing my teeth so I got a water pic to help clean it out. You really have to be careful with the stitches when using the water pic. I would suggest you not worry too much this week with food, but keep some liquid going so you don't dehydrate. You will start to get hungry next week and then shakes and cream potatoes work well. I am so glad you are posting, and I will look forward to pictures and future post. You are going to be okay. I can say that because I am getting there. I will be here for you. By the way... what is egg flower soup broth??? I have never heard of it.

V said...

Hi Aimee, hang in there. This is the worst of it and things will get there. I was so nauseous and felt tons better after trying to have some yoghurt drinks - think the antibiotics and some of the pain meds don't really agree with your stomach so might be worth considering, it made all the difference for me at least.

Just keep drinking lots of water, don't worry so much about the nutrition just have what you can and will get better in a couple of days - same goes for the brushing just use lots of salt water and mouthwash rinse.

Hang in there, you're doing amazingly! And don't worry about the pictures, just take them and save them until you're feeling well enough to upload them!

Thinking of you lots, big hugs xxx

Katherine (Kate) said...

Not freaking out is HUGE :) Imagine those that don't have a clue and everything is unexpected? Add out-right scared to pain, discomfort, hunger, nausea, fatigue and skank-mouth and it would be terrifying. Bad enough knowing, right? lol.

That corner is coming up soon and you'll be rounding it in no time. here's to looking back at all this as a mere figment of your imagination.

How did the facial steamer work out? Did it open up your breathing any? The swelling can only go down from here, and with it, breathing should be easier too. You're doing everything right :)

momto5minnies said...

It will get better ... so hard to see, but it will.

I was told no water pik for 2 weeks. That drove me nuts because I LOVE my water pik. I did the best I could with brushing (using a small kid toothbrush). The gross factor was feeling the grime on the inside of my teeth ... yuck.

Swelling gets better over time. I am 9.5 weeks post-op and my face looks about 90% there. For some reason I was just more swollen on one side and it is slowly getting better, but that could still take the entire year to be 100%.

I'll have to post more on my recovery. It does help to read what other people go through. As much as my oral surgeon was good about giving info, he missed out on a lot of the recovery stuff.


funkyrhodes said...

Aimee, I'm sorry you're going through this part of your recovery. Judging from what I've read, the 4th/5th days are the worst of it. I bought some vanilla Ensure...I can imagine how sick I would be if that was all I had! Since this is around day 7, I hope things have gotten better for ya!

Maria L. said...

Aimee! You are posting and that's a good sign :) The first week is the worse...I promise it gets better after this. Get your mom to make you some soups, blend and strain them... it may help settle your stomach to eat something other than ensure.

On the swelling, I'm at 11 weeks and there's just a tiny bit left of swelling on my right side. So it does get better :)

When do you get the splint out?

Hang in there!!! I'm thinking of you.


indiana said...

I had my surgery last Tuesday (the day before you) and I am going STIR CRAZY. I feel like my fat face is never going to deflate, and I'm sick of laying around!

Hang in there! I'm trying to remind myself that in the end, it IS WORTH IT! :0)

Aimee said...

Oh, egg flower soup from a Chinese restaurant. I was just using a syringe to eat the broth. It got old fast. Now nothing sounds good but I am starving. Thanks for the tips everybody.
Kate, I have had little to no nasal congestion so haven't really used the facial steamer. I know I would be a lot more uncomfortable if my nose were stuffed up. I just want to sleep until this splint comes out! :)