Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 16, shhhh don't tell...

I slept until 10:00 this morning. I thought I would try and be productive today so I cleaned up a little and ran some errands. I was so hungry by the time my husband came home that I convinced him that we could go to our favorite pizza place and I could chop up the spaghetti in little pieces and swallow it (against doctor's orders.) Shhhh. It was so good. I could only eat about 1/3 of what was on the plate and my jaw was very tired afterwards. I probably shouldn't have done it, but at least I didn't chew. I won't do it again. I'll stick to my doctor's orders of blended/soft food only. I just had to taste something besides soup and smoothies. I think I still look the same as yesterday, so maybe I'll take pictures tomorrow. Good luck to KATE!!! I'm thinking of you and hoping everything goes smoothly tomorrow.


Rita said...

You are so funny. I am glad you had a good meal, and I promise not to tell. lol So glad you are doing better. : )

As far as your root canal question, I do not know about the crown. My dentist said he would go in the back of my tooth, so I took it as I would keep my tooth like it is, but I really don't know. I had a root canal years ago on a back tooth and it does have a crown on it now. That's a good question.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I had the same or similar surgery as you on April 23 (only a few days before you.) I had my upper jaw moved up 6mm and lower jaw moved back 3mm and a chin reduction (also corrected a tilt in my lower jaw.) I have a splint and 2 elastics in that I can remove when needed. Looks like you are recovering well! I just wanted to say I've been eating noodles since about day 10, just swallowing pasta without chewing (sometimes blended sometimes not) and its been a godsend lol. I know each surgery and each surgeon is different, but mine says pretty much as long as I don't chew I can eat almost anything. I noticed in your blog you are often hungry, so If you are comfortable with trying these, I have some suggestions for you that have worked well for me:
Baked potato mashed up with sour cream and grated/melted cheese (no potato skin)
Taco or Sloppy Joe (including a toasted buttered bun!) Just break up the bread/tortilla into tiny bits before you blend
Tuna (or ham) casserole, blended with sour cream and/or milk to soften it
Blended or chopped up instant noodles or kraft dinner
Scrambled eggs with cheese (even with toast!)
Boiled and mashed up perogies and sour cream
My favourite: Alphaghetti with melted/grated cheese.

All of these are nice and hearty, and honestly some of them look like dog food but they taste great! I bought baby spoons and take tiny tiny spoonfuls and swallow (or mush with my tongue and roof of my mouth.) I ate them when I could open my mouth less than a finger's width, it just takes patience ;) It can also be messy but totally worth it. Hope that helps, because we both know soup and shakes only do so much for the palette!

Christine, 24, Canada

Aimee said...

Aw, Christine, that was so nice of you to take the time to post. I really appreciate it. I'm a vegetarian, but some of those things sound really good. I am going to try the baked potato with sour cream tonight. I just asked my hubby to go pick up some sour cream. I am sooooo hungry. I am bad about eating as it is and now with the food restrictions, it's even worse. I can't think of anything to eat that sounds good that doesn't involve chewing.
Wow, they moved your upper jaw forward quite a bit. I have no idea how far they moved my bottom jaw back. I just know that they moved the upper 4mm. I'll have to ask. Thank you again for posting and congratulations on being on the other side. It's such a relief to have it over and done with! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh haha I guess most of those have meat in them eh? I also meant to say that fudge is a nice treat, as long as its fresh you can squash it into little coin-sized pieces (or cut off little slices) and slide 'em in and let it melt lol. Also, if you haven't tried it yet, oatmeal is great too - super nutritious (also very messy) but very yummy.. especially with a dash of cinnamon. At first, all I drank was Boost, Carnation instant breakfast, and apple juice, then it was pudding, yogurt, apple sauce and ...more pudding. But then I got fed up! So I know how you feel. Enjoy the baked potato!
Yep, quite a big move on top. My under-bite before was about a 7mm gap (eek!) You're right, its SOO nice to be on the other side! I am so happy I finally did it, phew! The worst is over and now we just have to be a little more patient with healing and then we can enjoy a lifetime of genuine smiles. *sigh* Good luck!


nabukay said...

hey we have totally all cheated so take it easy and don't do it again (for a while). i looked at the day 14 pics i think it is and the difference is amazing! wow. good work and be brave.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aimee, my surgeon said i could eat anything soft as long as no chewing and i've been trying all sorts of things even got in some sponge cake today with ice cream. Its so dull just eating soup and porridge and I feel hungry all the time! Mash potato with gravy is good, a bit messy but worth it! Also i have discovered i can fit chocolate buttons through the gap and then let them melt on my tongue! :-) worth a try... good luck!

Virginia said...

Hi Aimee - Thanks for posting all your pictures! I am 5 days post-BSSO & genio surgery and I'm still swollen and sore. I've read a lot of blogs so I would know what to expect, but it's nice to read from someone who's about a week ahead of me. You look so great compared to where I am right now and I am jealous of your pasta. I can just open my mouth enough now to see my bottom teeth out of the splint but that's about it. Would kill to be able to brush my teeth and tongue!

Question for you - has it been hard to get used to your new look? I keep expecting the swelling to go down and the old me to reappear, but I realize that's probably not going to happen and it's taking some getting used to.

Aimee said...

Hi Virginia,

Congrats on the surgery! You're only 5 days post-op ~ give it another 11 days and maybe you can sneak some pasta in there. :)
It hasn't really been hard getting used to my new look. I am happy with it so far; I just wish the swelling would go down faster. :) I haven't really checked myself out much either ~ been doing a lot of sleeping and laying around. I did notice my reflection in the passenger side of the car. I used to notice long, angular features when I saw my reflection, now it's more round and chubby looking. My husband keeps commenting that my face is shorter and that the swelling has gone down a lot. He said he looks and me and wonders, "Where is my Aimee?" :)