Thursday, April 30, 2009

Surgery Day and Post-Op, Day 2

Well, I made it through surgery. I don't really feel like writing my blog yet, but I also don't want to forget. I got to the hospital around 7:30 yesterday morning. My surgery was booked for 10:30. I guess it was around 9:00 that they took me into the pre-op waiting area where I changed into my gown, little cap, and socks. The nurse gave me an IV and started me on a lactated ringers solution. They then took a sample of blood to screen my blood type (even though they did this when I donated my blood 2 weeks ago) I think they finally came and got me for surgery around 12:00. The CRNA gave me some Versed to relax me and it all went pretty quickly from there. I was out and awake before I knew it. They kept me in recovery for 3 hours. I was fine when I woke up ~ no feelings of choking or not being able to breathe. In fact, my nose has been super clear, which has been great. They finally got me to my room around 8:00 where my family came to visit and took some pictures of me. (I will post those when I am feeling stronger)
I had a really nice private room at the new Kaiser hospital. It was awesome not to have anyone else in there with me. My nurse
was really great too. She gave me my morphine every 3 hours and brought me new ice packs. I think I slept pretty good, waking up every 3 hours or so. I had to go to the bathroom a lot because of the IV. I chose to use the bedpan because I felt pretty dizzy. I don't have much numbness and no throwing up so far, so that's good.
I did have a couple of small nosebleeds, nothing major. I got to leave the hospital at around 12:00 today. Dr. Relle said everything went great. I am (in my opinion) really swollen and my lips are huge. I have some bruising on my cheeks. He said the swelling and bruising will continue to get worse over the next couple of days. I've been keeping ice on at all times. He gave me Tylenol with Codeine for the pain. I wish it were something stronger just to help me sleep better. :) My face feels really tight and has a dull ache. Nothing unbearable.
I can't really tell yet about my appearance. To me I just look the same with some major swelling. My husband and my mom are here taking good care of me. Thank goodness. I'm very uncomfortable so I really just want to sleep. I'll post some pictures tomorrow. And beware ~ they aren't pretty. :)


Katherine (Kate) said...

YOU did it! Holy snap with the blogging already, don't worry about that. We're not going anywhere :)

It is SO good to hear that you are home, resting and in very capable hands. Wonderful that the hospital experience was smooth and you were well taken care of. A clear nose and no throwing up? Wonderful bonuses for you!

Sleep, drink, rest, repeat. Way to go, Aimee! :)

stephanie said...

HALLELUJIA!! It's over! Can't wait for pictures, and I'm glad you're blogging, though Kate is right - we'll wait as long as you need!

What a nice surgery experience. Take care - rest and get those fluids!

Discantus said...

Congratulations on making it though - sounds like you had a really good hospital experience, hope the recovery continues in the same way :)

Look foward to the updates once you're stong enough.

Rita said...

WOW! You did it. Great to hear you are doing well. Keep resting and getting in the liquids. Looking forward to hearing from you again... when you feel up to it. Like Kate said, We're not going anywhere. We are right here with ya!!! Blessings!!!! : )

Michelle said...

I'm VERY glad to hear the surgery was a success. And I'm VERY surprised to know that you're blogging already!

Please get the rest you need so that you have a relatively quick recovery.

You'll probably want to sleep with your head up. And you'll also want to keep a schedule with your meds.

I will keep thinking of you. I know that you're in good hands, and that people you love are taking great care of you!

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