Friday, April 10, 2009

Long Day...

Today turned into a very long day. I had an appointment with the orthodontist at 9:15. They took a set of molds. The top one dried quickly (or she didn't take it out soon enough). It hurt like heck while she was trying to get it out of my mouth. I was sure my two front teeth were going to come out with it. Thankfully they didn't, but they were throbbing for a good hour. Then I had to get 4 x-rays ~ one was a panoramic x-ray, one was a cephalometric xray, one was to show the jaw joints, and I don't know what the other one was for. After that the ortho decided to replace the power chains on both my upper and lower teeth and also change the wire on the bottom. This took a long time because the wire he wanted to put on wouldn't fit so the girl ended up having to put a smaller wire on. Anyway, I left there at 12:00.
My appointment with the surgeon was scheduled at 1:30, so I headed to Kaiser in North Hollywood. Of course there was a car accident on the way, then I went to the wrong building and ended up being 7 minutes late. They were calling me as I was running down the hall to let me know that the doctor was waiting for me. Funny how they kept me waiting over an hour last time, but my being 7 minutes late is a big deal. The good part was I didn't have to wait and went right in. The doctor got started right away making molds. They were so big and mushy; it took everything in me not to gag and throw up. The alginate was just dripping in blobs down my face. It was nothing like getting molds at the ortho office. By the time he was finished with the 3 molds (2 upper and one lower) I had alginate all over my face and neck. He had me bite down on some waxy thing. Not sure what it was. He took some measurements of my face while I had this metal contraption fitted around my head. He took some pictures. He measured the distance between my lips when I had my lips relaxed. He took a good look at my bite and told me that my top jaw was really "wonky". He seemed surprised that the top jaw is so messed up. I guess he didn't pay much attention the last two times I was there. Then he and the two student doctors went into another room and I sat there and waited for a long time. When they came back, the doctor looked at my bite some more, wrote some things down, and then said that he had to rush me off to donate blood for myself. He said that I can't take any aspirin or NSAIDS until after my surgery because they thin the blood. He said that after I donate blood he wants me to start taking an iron supplement and informed me that it is constipating.
I asked what they would be doing for me as far as surgery goes. Apparently they don't know until they sit down and do measurements and work on the molds. The student doctor told me that they will definitely do the top jaw because apparently it is really messed up ~ set too far back and tilted wrong. He said they will probably tilt the bottom jaw but not sure if they will move it back or not. This really surprised me. I trust the doctor though, so I will be comfortable with whatever he decides.
Okay, so then I rushed over to donate blood before they closed. My veins are unbelievably hard to find and I hadn't eaten or drank anything all day. They gave me some juice and cookies and searched for a vein. The lady didn't think she would be able to find one and told me that she wasn't going to poke me "for nothing." She did end up finding one and I was able to donate over a pint of blood for myself. Yay. I ended up getting home at 7:00. Long day. I'm so tired, so I'm sorry if I babbled too long. :) I'm going to bed. Goodnite.
P.S. V - you look awesome!
P.P.S I just realized I didn't get a single one of my questions answered by the surgeon. Maybe at my pre-op appointment (two days before surgery) I will get some answers. That would be nice. :)


Katherine said...

That is a long day, my goodness. Just think, you've already survived all those yucky molds. Yeah!

The little plastic thing you bit down on is the splint, which I think the surgeons use to confirm the jaws fit together once the jaws are moved during surgery. Did they tell you if you'll have to keep it in? I didn't, but I know a lot of folks seem too.

I so thought of you tonight. My husband poured my liquid vitamin in a shot glass, his little joke, and placed by my sewing machine while I finished a project. Anyway, it sat for about 15 minutes. The vitamin smell was overwhelming, and I remembered you not liking it at all. Thankfully, it tasted better than it smelled. :)

I am excited about your upcoming date. It's really getting close.

Aimee said...

Hi Katherine!
I said something about that waxy thing being the splint that the patients keep in after surgery and he mumbled something about that not being it and that he would show me. He didn't show me anything. :)
That is so funny you thought of me. lol
The smell is really bad, and I find the taste to be just as bad. :) But I have been taking it mixed with grape juice and it isn't bad. I'm debating if I should keep taking it since my surgeon said not to take any ginseng and it has that in it.
I hope your pregnancy is well and you are feeling good.

momto5minnies said...

Sounds like a long and draining day. I am hoping that I never again have to have a mold taken of my mouth. Depending on who has done it, I've had to have it repeated more times that I would like.

WONKY? Never heard of that term.

Soon enough, this will all be in the past ;)

Rita said...

I am just now catching up on everyone. Glad you are doing well. Sorry you had such a long day, but your rest is coming. I am still not active. Tomorrow will be the first time I have left my house. It has been a very long week. I will thinking about you and keeping up through out your surgery. I hope you do great!!! Blessing to you.