Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More molds...blah/post-surgery supplies

I just got a call from my ortho office. The orthodontist and the surgeon have spoken and decided that I need more molds. I will go to the ortho tomorrow and get them done and then pick them up first thing Monday morning and take them over to the surgeon.
The surgeon also just called me to let me know that he doesn't normally do splints, but he is going to use one on me. I didn't really understand the reason why. If I see him on Monday, I will ask him. He mentioned something about the "wearing" on my back teeth, which could mean that the splint will keep my teeth from touching and wearing down even more while I am banded shut. Not sure.

I've been picking up things here and there that I might need after surgery. I haven't bought any food yet. So far I have:

* 2 zip-n-squeezes
* 2 "cool-jaw" wraps from zip-n-squeeze
* neck pillow
* Afrin nose spray
* Saline nose spray
* Q-tips
* facial steamer
* hydrogen peroxide
* dry-erase board
* baby spoons
* sippy cup
* Emergen-C packets (lots of vitamin C and B vitamins)
* Aquaphor

I originally bought a humidifier but decided that a facial steamer would work better. So I returned the humidifier and bought a great facial steamer on Amazon. Since I am having extensive work on my upper jaw, my sinuses and nose will probably have a lot of blood in them after surgery. The nose sprays, hydrogen peroxide and steamer should help clear them out.
I'm debating if I should get a bed wedge or not.
I still need to stock up on movies, book, magazines. I may not need them right away since I'll be on pain medication and will probably want to sleep a lot.

I want to say a big THANK YOU to MARIA for answering my 101 questions. :) She had upper and lower jaw surgery recently and she looks amazing. Thank you, Maria!

P.S. The surgeon has been really great! I am thinking that during my first 2 appointments he may have just been focusing on what needs to be done and didn't come across as having a great bedside manner, but he has been really great since my last appointment.


Katherine (Kate) said...

Oh no! Not more molds. Hopefully these ones won't be so squishy on insertion or sticky on removal. :)

Frick! Good call on the Afrin & saline. Can't believe I didn't get those~ Thank you!

Aimee said...

I know! I am going to tell them ahead of time to be careful with that top mold. I don't want it getting stuck again. That was kind of scary.
Yeah, I've read that the saline is really useful to take in the shower with you to help get all that "stuff" out. We won't be able to blow, but you can use the Q-tips to help get the globs and clots out. :)

Katherine (Kate) said...

Yum-Yum! Oh the fun to be had!

Glad to see things have come together with the surgeon; has GOT to put you more at ease.

Rita said...

Oh' I wish I had thought of the facial steamer. That sounds great! I am having *great fun* : / with the nose cleaning thing. I use the q-tips, nose sprays and lots of Kleenex. Eww! I also have the splint and it so gets in my way. I will be glad when it is gone. Sounds like you are on the right track! Hang in there!!!!

Maria Loup said...

So glad to hear that your surgeon is answering questions and being super personable!!

Looks like you're really prepping well :)

11 more days to go!!!