Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Appointment with Surgeon

I had my appointment with the surgeon yesterday. It wasn't very exciting. He said that he doesn't know if he will do upper and lower jaw surgery or just lower. I was really surprised to hear that because I have been told by another surgeon and three orthodontists that I would need both upper and lower surgery. I was trying to absorb the fact that he said possibly just
lower surgery and now regret not asking him more questions like WHY? Anyway, the surgeon has
an excellent reputation, so I suppose I should trust that he knows what he's doing. I'm thinking that maybe once he takes all the
measurements and once all my teeth are in place he will have a better idea of what he is going to do.

He then explained to me that he won't be reducing the length of my chin because he doesn't want it to look "flat" and I might get a "turkey" neck, which I wouldn't be happy with. I told him that the other surgeon I saw said that I would benefit from cheek augmentation and my chin reduced. He said that I wasn't going to hear the same thing from him and that he doesn't do cookie cutter faces.


Tara said...

Aimee, I went through the same thing. The first ortho and surgeon said that I would need SARPE, upper, lower, chin, and rounding out my square jaw bone since the disks have both slipped. So I got a second opinion with both the ortho and surgeon. This surgeon started out as "possibly" upper, lower and chin. Then once my teeth started moving he said that we could just do upper and chin if I wanted to (it would be only cosmetic, so it was my choice if I wanted to pay for it since insurance wouldn't). Then the week before surgery he switched to just lower and no chin since it would look smaller after he moved the lower back. It amazing how much the plan can change once your teeth get in to place. But good luck! It can be scary when they keep changing there minds.

Michelle said...

Hi Aimee
I'm the other Michelle, going through a similiar journey. I had to write to introduce myself and tell you I had a similiar experience recently.
I went to the Ortho recently and he was talking to the new girl about what I had been through (SARPE) and what I would be having done in the future. I was told by him and my OS that upper jaw surgery would be done. Then he mentions to this girl that a possible lower advancement might be in my future. I didn't say anything at the time but, when I got home I went into panic mode. Thankfully I have these blog buddies. They told me to relax and wait and see what happens. I see what you mean though. It's very unsettling and I wish so much I had spoken up.
Well anyways, good luck with your journey and hopefully we can chat again.