Wednesday, October 24, 2007

First Cleaning With Braces

I just got home from having my first cleaning with my braces. I went to my orthodontist first (he and my periodontist are in the same building) and had my wires removed and then had my cleaning. My hygienist said it was nice to have the wires removed as it was easier to clean my teeth. It felt so good getting my teeth cleaned. I wish I could go every month. I have my wires off until tomorrow morning, so I am going to enjoy flossing tonight! (Who would have thought I would ever be excited about flossing??) My hygienist said that I was doing really well with my hygiene (whew!!) and I had hardly any bleeding. I usually have some bleeding and now I am wondering if my gums are less irritated because the teeth are in new positions. My ortho commented that my bottom teeth have moved quite a bit since I had my braces put on 6 weeks ago. He was telling the assistant to put a heavier wire on my top teeth when I go back tomorrow but to keep the same wire for the bottom since I have one "twisted" tooth that hasn't straightened out yet.

I asked the surgery coordinator lady why my surgeon would mention only doing lower jaw surgery and in so many words she said that Kaiser is an HMO and they would try to get away with doing as little as they can. That was a bit disconcerting to me. So I asked my ortho about it and he told me not to worry, that he would push for whatever would give me the best functional and aesthetic benefit. That put my mind to rest for now.