Friday, October 26, 2007


So yesterday I had that thicker wire put on my top teeth and today they are killing me!! I had to go in again this morning because the wire was too long and it was tearing up my cheek. The assistant went in there to clip it and my back bracket
came off. She said she was going to leave it off until my next appointment (in 8 weeks) and said it wouldn't interfere with
my progress. I hope she's right. That back tooth was really hurting, but now that the pressure is off, it's okay.
But the rest of my top teeth are so sore. Oh and by the way, these snap-open brackets on the Damons aren't all they are
cracked up to be. When your teeth are sore, and they have to snap open the little door things to get the wire out ~ OUCH! And
then they have to close them again which also hurts! I guess I'll be drinking my protein drinks for a couple of days.


Jen said...

I don't think I would have trusted the assistant on that one. Does he/she have any other qualifications or know what the ortho plan is? I have traditional O-Rings on mine and they hurt when they are replaced. Feels like he has pliers on my teeth and twisting it. Hope you feel better soon. I have stocked up on protein drinks too.

Erin said...

My first few months (OK, first 5-6 months) were the hardest. They were harder than post-surgery! It was the most painful part, by far. I know that sounds crazy, but it's true. So, I think you're getting the worst part over now, believe it or not! I was in pain a lot of the time, but it does get better. Adjustments eventually stop hurting so much. They become a bit of an annoyance but not so painful.

Hang in there Aimee! Take some Advil & think long-term when you get frustrated.

Oh, two things that have helped with my post adjustment pain besides Advil:
1. Ice cream!
2. Chewing on something post-adjustment (biting on a toothpick was good) hurts but loosens things up and after 10-15 minutes, it actually feels better. Odd, but it really does help.

Melissa said...

My teeth are sore now too; I'm not looking forward to any adjustments!! I didn't know that they would put a thicker wire on... I guess I should do some research, haha!

nabukay said...

ouch. more things not to look forward to, lol. oh well knowing there is a whole other community out there helps. check out wired ladie's latest post, it is hilarious.

allison said...

The good news? Naked is deliciousssssss.

Feel better.