Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back from another ortho appointment

I just got home from my ortho appointment and he said not to worry ~ that I will be ready for surgery. He put on new power chains on the top and bottom. Wow, those things are tight. My teeth are numb right now, but I'm sure I'll feel the pain later. It'll probably be soup for dinner. I'll be seeing him again on April 10th and then again on the 22nd to get my surgical hooks put on. They said the last appointment will take about 2 hours.

So I had no idea what power chains looked like until today. They aren't as innocent as they look.
(Mine are clear, not blue)


Katherine (Kate) said...

Phew! It must feel better having that verbal confirmation that all will be ready. Nothing like a little last-minute panic & frustration to raise the heart rate...

Welcome to powerchains~ Charming, aren't they? They look after business in a hurry so it makes the pain worth it ;)

Anonymous said...

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