Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ortho Appointment Today

I had an ortho appointment today. Nothing exciting to report. I have the same wires on, she just shortened them so
they are tighter. She said two of my teeth are still a little crooked, and they have to be straightend out before they
can start working on moving my teeth for the surgery. My bite is really strange already though. My bottom teeth are
sticking out a lot more than they were before the braces.
Today the doctor used some kind of sandpaper thing and sanded in between some of my bottom front teeth. It didn't
hurt but it was kind of disconcerting. He said he was "making room" for the teeth to move. After that they did a flouride
treatment on the bottom teeth.
Oh, the girl also replaced the top last bracket that had come off the last time they were clipping my wires. That wasn't
a big deal except for the things they use to stretch your lips open really far. That's kind of uncomfortable. I haven't
really been aware of my braces too much because I have been so focused on getting through this drug calculations class. I am hoping to start nursing school in February and hope the surgery won't interfere with school. I figure I can wait for winter break
if my teeth are ready in September. I'll cross that bridge when I get there though! I have to go finish my Christmas shopping!


Erin said...

My bite did all sorts of wacky stuff in braces pre-surgery. They always warn you that your bite's actually going to get worse. It's true! I had a big open bite with an underbite at one point! My teeth were super straight but my bite was crazy.

Sandpapered teeth huh? I have yet to experience the joy that must be. ;)

Aimee said...

Hi Erin, I have been meaning to comment you on your new pictures ~ they are really good. You have come a long way from 5 months ago.

Yeah, right now, only two teeth touch ~ the two eye teeth on the left side. It's pretty strange.

The sandpaper thing he used was kind of scary. He acted like it was no big deal, so I hope it wasn't. He just stuck it in between my teeth and started filing away, saying that he was making room for the teeth. I didn't really question him about it. Maybe I should have...:)

Rachel said...

The sandpaper thing really sucks. I know exactly what you're talking about. I have really crowded teeth on the bottom so they use that stuff everytime I get an adjustment. It made my gums bleed the last time, but I just think "no pain, no gain." I'm getting adjustments done every four weeks now so that I'll hopefully be ready for surgery next July. So, don't worry about the sandpaper. You'll probably have it more than once.

Michelle said...

Oh the sandpaper sounds horrible. I couldnt imagine. I still have trouble thinking that they would even do that. Yikes

nabukay said...

hi aimee its been a while! yeah they had to do the sandpaper thing with me for a while because my bottom teeth were really crowded and the seps did not work. it did not really hurt or maybe it did and i just can't remember. the only time i went to the ortho and it was not too traumatic was my last adjustment. otherwise i hate that place.

have a great holiday. love and hugs.

Aimee said...

That's a relief to know I am not the only one who had to have their teeth sandpapered. :)

stephanie said...

Thanks for stopping by! I will add you to my list of bloggers to keep up with :)

Lars said...

Hey Aimee! Glad to know that you are well underway for your surgery. It seems so far away but it will come up so fast, when you least expect it! I will def. be posting up pics of the whole process. Stay tuned! Thanks for the support!

allison said...

You'll be up for surgery soon enough!

And, your background is gorgeous!