Friday, September 7, 2007

Sensitive Tooth!! Ugh!

Okay, the day I had my braces put on, an upper right molar starting killing me when I brushed, and now it is even hurting when I breathe. When I brush that tooth, it feels like an electric current ripping through my mouth. I am assuming it is the nerve, but why? It never bothered me before the braces were put on. I hope it's not going to stay this way. It's awful. It makes me scared to even brush that area. At first I thought it was the crown I have on back there, but it's not. Has anyone else had this problem?


amycq said...

Oh yeah that's normal! I've been having a tooth do that to me recently. It's calming down now. Sensodyne toothpaste does take some of the edge off if you want to try it.

Lemme tell ya I cried after I had my braces put on. I thought 'what did I just do to myself!!' But it does get better and you get used to it after a while and it will become second nature. For the first few months adjustment time will hurt. Then after a while essentially nothing will phase you!! I used to take some Advil a little before my appointments that way I knew it wouldn't hurt so bad!

I remember thinking 'I will never get to eat a sandwich again!' But I did, so know that it's just temporary and you'll get through it!

Aimee said...

Amy, thanks! That is so good to hear. I actually only use Sensodyne (been using it for years) so I was really surprised this tooth was hurting like this! I just hope it goes away soon! :)