Friday, February 1, 2008

Adjustment Time!

Yesterday was a really busy day. I went to the ortho and got my wires removed, went to my cleaning (she said I am doing a great job keeping my teeth clean "compared to her other patients with braces." Hmmm ... is that a compliment? After my cleaning I went and got my filling done. Apparently he did a really good job - my ortho could hardly see it when I went back today to get my wires put back on.
So today I had the same wire put back on the bottom because that one stubborn tooth is still a bit crooked. I got a new, thicker wire put on the top. He said it's going to "torque" my teeth. I guess that means it will move my teeth more forward since they are already straight. I can already feel the pressure on my top teeth. I'll probably really feel it tomorrow. I can't believe it's already been 5 months since I had my braces put on! Time flies.
I wonder how much longer before I am ready for surgery!

Update: It's now 6:30 and my teeth hurt so bad!!! I had planned on having some delicious nachos at Baja Buds for dinner, but that's not going to happen. I'm going to have to go for the egg flower soup at the local Chinese place. For some reason, it's only my upper teeth on the left side of my mouth that hurt so bad. The other teeth are fine. I hope they don't hurt for long. No pain, no gain...I guess.


nabukay said...

hi aimee its been a while! i also feel like time is flying. i've had my braces for four months and i keep bumping into people who ask me when i got them if they have not seen me for a while. the first week after an adjustment is a killer but then you will be okay.

allison said...

Thanks for the well-wishes, and I'm glad my post was helpful! That's part of the reason I like this blogging thing. Hopefully I can help people out the way that surgery veterans have been helping me!

Shontell said...

Time sure does fly. I can't believe that I've had braces on for a year and a half already!

P.S.. you always have the cutest pictures!

Katherine said...

Your're BAAAackk! Godd to catch up with your story :)

Hope those top teeth let up so you can get at those Nachos asap!

nabukay said...

aimee you've been quiet. what's happening?

mylene said...

It's funny how pain always kicks in a while after the adjustment. My ortho usually tells me 'youll be thinking about me quite a lot tomorrow morning', which is her way of saying I'll be cursing her name and kicking furniture.

5 months! way to go!