Saturday, December 10, 2011

2.5 Years Post-Op

Here's a couple pictures of me 2.5 years post-op. I don't even think about my surgery anymore. In fact, the only time I think about it is when somebody posts on my blog. I'm still happy I did the surgery. I'm turning 40 this month!! Happy Birthday to me!! :)
Good luck to everybody who is getting ready to have surgery. It'll be worth it.

On a side note, I finally graduated from nursing school in June 2011!! Aimee Pickens, RN.


Makay said...

Congrats about your degree! :)
I am thinking about getting a RN/BSN. I don't know yet.
And yeah- I don't even think about it anymore either...

Georganne said...

Hi Aimee! Thank you so much for your blog! I came accross it as I was searching for images of Class 3
malocclusion. Since I was seven years old, my dentist told my parents that I needed braces/surgery and they thought it was a "frivolous" expense. I begged them for braces for my high school graduation which they reluctantly agreed to, but refused to consent to surgery. I started my freshman year in college with a palatal expander and wore braces for more than two years. On the day that my braces were finally removed (a day that should be very joyous), my orthodontist said "You know, if you had your chin reduced your nose wouldn't look so big." I was mortified! Since then, I've had a chin reduction, rhinoplasty, cheekbone implants, and a facelift and people still ask me why I look so angry all the time. I am determined that I am going to have my Class 3 surgery done and I thank you for your inspiration! I am forty yaers old and I just returned to nursing school also. THANK YOU!

Jade said...

Hi, you look great. I want/need this exact surgery but my family thinks its unecessary and that I'm doing this because i have "low self esteem". I'ts good to see you have no regrets! Congrats on your degree. I'm a nurse myself.

Jennifer Duggins said...

Hi Aimee! I had upper and lower orthognathic surgery and sinus surgery a little under 3 months ago. I don't really like the way I look as my face doesn't seem like my own. I actually feel really "boxy" and I never used to feel my face was Frankensteinesque, but I do now. Is this normal? Does this go away? I think it must be swelling still but I just can't tell. I'm still pretty numb in my mouth and chin area and my smile looks weird.